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Recent Dishes

Saturday November 20, 2010 @ 11:26 PM (EST)

A few recent dishes I tried at random.

Steak “Fusion”

Rib-eye steak with soy sauce, black pepper, teriyaki sauce, cremini mushrooms and a bit of red wine.

Verdict: fusion failed. Shouldn’t have added the teriyaki sauce. Tasted weird. Teriyaki sauce and rare steak don’t mix, at least at home.


Fried Rice with 6 Exotics

Rice cooked with less water than usual, fried with sea urchin, eggs, kai-lan slightly microwaved, Chinese-flavored barbecued pork, conpoy and dried garlic. No salt as it’s provided by the pork.

None of these ingredients are really exotic, I just like adorning dishes with fancy names :)

Verdict: Smash. Hit. Probably more to do with the ingredients than my cooking skills.

fried rice

Thanks to the mom-in-law for the choice of kai-lan as the vege. It could have been frozen veggies.


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