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Scotch-Smoked Salmon Tortiglioni

Sunday January 23, 2011 @ 10:48 PM (EST)

Inspired by Cooking with Booze

  • dice a shallot and pan-fry it in a bit of extra virgin olive oil
  • add chicken broth, white wine (chardonnay) and boil, around 200mL each
  • add 250mL of light cream, about 100mL of milk, 2mL of butter, enough Parmesan cheese and a bit of starch to thicken
  • add chives
  • add shredded scotch smoked salmon
  • pour on top of cooked pasta (I used what we have in the kitchen, Tortiglioni and a bit of Spaghetti)
  • add black pepper and some more cheese

Review: maybe we’re fans of garlic – we’ve concluded that some should be added next time. Otherwise it tastes great!

finished product


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